Learn the Truth about your In-Store Intelligence.

Easycheck allows you to use both web and mobile app to eliminate issues related to in-store marketing while increasing your intelligence for your marketing staff.

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  • Reduce Waste

    Reduce Waste

    More than half of all in-store marketing materials are wasted. Thrown into the trash or put into storage.

  • Measure your marketing effectiveness

    Measure your marketing effectiveness

    Gain valuable knowledge by being able to try two marketing campaigns at once and know which one was the best.

  • Location Relationship Management

    Location Relationship Management

    Gain invaluable knowledge and intelligence using the network of information based on insight from each of your business locations.


  • Ensure Brand Compliance

    Ensure Brand Compliance

    Just because something gets put up or posted doesn’t mean its done correctly. Make sure that every piece of signage looks pristine and is hung correctly.

  • Evaluate and Reinforce with Exercises

    Reduced Waste

    Eliminate the large amount of waste due to unused graphics and those thrown away because people didn’t put them up. Include instructions and require photos to prove the completion of a task.

  • Increase Field Marketing Personnel Effectiveness

    Increase Field Marketing Personnel Effectiveness

    Increase your field marketing personnel’s ability to visually check in on every store. Allowing them to be in multiple places at once ensures your marketing is doing its job.

  • Measure ROI on Marketing

    Measure ROI on Marketing

    Gain valuable insight into how well a campaign worked or didn’t work by knowing if it was actually posted. Using this knowledge you can better target future marking campaigns.

  • Provide feedback on non-compliant items

    Provide feedback on non-compliant items

    When you find something not to be within compliance you have the ability to immediately respond with corrective feedback using audio, video and drawings to show how something should be done right.

  • Gain insight into field practices

    Gain insight into field practices

    Gain valuable insight into what exactly is happening in the field. Use our advanced statistics to see if and when someone saw your instructions and if they have responded to your message yet. Ensure that every message gets there on time and to the right person.

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