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EasyCheck is the simplest, most cost-effective way to manage store profiling and internal verification.

It is a B2B SaaS product that powers data collection for field teams and managers.

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Any business that uses distributed field operations depends on their people to capture information. The processes most companies are using today are simply not keeping up with advances in mobile and cloud capability. EasyCheck saves field teams time and gives management better data, driving profitability by improving compliance while lowering costs.

EasyCheck is more than a time-saving tool. It’s a way to take back some of the $20 billion lost every year in Consumer Packaged Goods alone due to lack of compliance at retail.

It’s smokin’ fast:
It works as quickly as you do. Request and receive immediate results on the fly.

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It’s as easy to launch as it is to use

Sets up in minutes, not days
Intuitive, customizable dashboard
If you need assistance, help is just a phone call away

EasyCheck provides a significant time and cost benefit to anyone with a field team. Choose EasyCheck – a powerfully simple remote compliance management tool – and get it done right.

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Empower your teams with Mobile Information and Digital Dashboards

How It Works...

The insight you need to get the job done right!

EasyCheck is a streamlined, customizable tool for mobile data collection and field management. Use your existing workforce to provide you with ground-level retail intelligence: Monitor tasks, track an installation, or pull reports, all from one simple dashboard.

How It Works...

Smart technology that aligns tasks with location – even when you’re on the move

EasyCheck allows you to push simple surveys out to your staff in the field. With our easy to use mobile app, your staff will know exactly which surveys to answer in which store and won’t waste any time fiddling with pen and paper.

How It Works...

Go as big as you want

Because the data collection is distributed, EasyCheck can scale with ease, from small businesses to multinational brands

How It Works...

Instant in-store insights

The results are immediate. As soon as a team member completes a task, the data is compiled and summarized into our analytics dashboard.

Make faster more informed decisions

How It Works...

As powerful as it is user Friendly

From your in-field staff to upper management, EasyCheck provides the right data to the right person on the right screen.

Quickly ask question to ensure compliance

How It Works...

Big data made easy

EasyCheck stores all field data in the cloud, allowing you to effortlessly compile a sustaining database that will start you on the path to a complete store profiling solution.

About Us

EasyCheck was created by imaging industry veterans and developers with deep expertise in graphic communications, retail, and cloud & mobile technology.

Co-Founder and CEO Rex Jobe is a serial entrepreneur who thrives on carving new paths, being successful, and helping others succeed. Rex started his first business, The Color Place, in 1972 and grew it into one of the premier photo processing laboratories in the US. Rex expanded his ventures when he partnered with Eastman Kodak in 1990 to buy The Image Bank and grow it into the largest stock photography agency in the world. As the photography business turned digital at the turn of the century, Rex returned to The Color Place to transition the company into one of the largest digital printing organizations specializing in retail and trade show graphics. With this background, he co-founded EasyCheck to solve many of the challenges he has seen in the marketing departments at retail and CPG companies.

Markets We Serve

Graphic Communication Companies use EasyCheck to add value for existing retail-type clients, to improve installation times, and provide real-time reporting in a ready-made solution for clients.

Brands deploy EasyCheck to measure compliance for in-store posting of graphic materials & displays; to manage shop-in-shop compliance, eliminate your reliance on expensive third-party verification teams, and ensure multi- door consistency.

Retailers use EasyCheck to map in-store environments to visual hierarchy directives and respond more effectively to field discrepancies.

The Team Behind EasyCheck

Reagan Jobe, Chief Solver at EasyCheck
Reagan V. Jobe
co-Founder & Chief Solver
DeWayne Nelon, Creator of Opportunities at EasyCheck
DeWayne A. Nelon
Rex Jobe, Co-Founder and CEO at EasyCheck
Rex V. Jobe
Reagan V. Jobe
co-Founder & Chief Solver


I want to personally thank you for taking the time to come see what all we are doing here at EasyCheck. You have a lot of options today when it comes to what you spend your time on and we want to help you use that time more efficiently.

A lot of people have asked where the idea for EasyCheck came from and the best answer is failure.

Having worked with teams in the field and seen what becomes of instructions sent from the home office, I feel your pain. Email wasn’t a good solution. Excel spreadsheets were as bad or worse for keeping track of the details.

We want to help you in your compliance efforts. Gaining the insight from the field can be an invaluable resource for everyone in your company.

All the best,



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